Many factors affect why your connection is slow. It might be a hardware issue or software running in the background. This guide will help you troubleshoot and hopefully pin down the cause.

If you continue to have issues contact the VostroNet Help Desk team.

How to troubleshoot your slow connection


Check you are connected to the VostroNet network

It is important to make sure you are connected to the VostroNet network first, as your device might have automatically connected to another network or be on a cellular network.


Perform VostroNet Network Check

  1. On your device open your web browser and go to http://vost.ro/mine
  2. This will confirm that you are connected to the VostroNet network. You will be provided with your device mac address and IP address


Check you are not on a VPN

VPN Networks can slow connection to sites, particularly if they are overseas connections. Check to make sure you are not using a VPN while trying to access sites or download.

Close any VPN programs or Chrome VPN Plugins


1. Click/tap on the Network & Internet icon on the taskbar

2. Click VPN   

3. On the Right column select your VPN and click the Disconnect button


Mac OS

1. Select the Apple menu icon in the top left of the desktop. 

2. Select System Preferences and Network.

3. Select the VPN connection in the left pane of the Network window. 

4. Select Disconnect.


Check you are on an Active Plan

Log in and check that your plan is active. Inactive accounts will automatically be rate-limited to 1 Mbps.

  1. Open your web browser and sign on to the VostroNet Portal
  2. Under Plan Information, this shows your current plan information including data usage and the date of your next plan renewal. 

3. If you have reached your monthly data allowance (selected areas only), your speed will slow down until your next plan renewal or you can change/upgrade your plan: Upgrade or Change your Plan


Check your current device is not downloading


  1. Go to System Tray
  2. Close any torrents 

3. Right Click your torrent app and click Exit/Quit

Mac OS

  1. Press Command-Option-Esc to open the Task Manager.
  2. Select the torrent app in the list and click the Force Quit button.

3. Close confirm updates (such as Steam, iOS, or Windows Updates are not currently downloading)


Check your other devices on your plan are not downloading

It's important to note that your Plan Speed is across all your devices and not just one device. Make sure you are not downloading on other devices that might be using your available bandwidth on your device you are experiencing issues.


Diagnose speed

As the speed of downloads or access to a site is dependent on both your connection and the remote end (or server's connection speed) it is important to make sure your connection is receiving the right speed. This is performed by undertaking a speed test. VostroNet recommends using fast.com as it is operated by Netflix and has adequate server speed to accurately reflect the speed you are receiving from VostroNet.

  1. Close all other windows or programs on all your devices
  2. Perform Speed Test go to https://fast.com

3. Click the Show More Info button after the test and check your IP Address and Provider (Should show VostroNet)

4. Check Speed is close to your Plan speed. It might be slightly higher or lower depending on your device or the wired/wireless connection


Perform tests and submit if still slow

  1. Confirm if the issue is just on one or all your devices (It might be a profile assignment issue)
  2. Diagnostics provides information about your network adapter, wireless environment, and connection speed. Please follow the appropriate link below for detailed instructions on how to perform the test on your device