Website Security

When visiting, transacting and purchasing from VostroNet, your details are passed through a secure server using at least 256-bit SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption technology which is the industry standard.

VostroNet endeavours to undertake all reasonable steps to ensure security when transacting with us. Always check that the page you are visiting has the browser Secure padlock and https:// in the address bar.

Network Security

VostroNet has deployed a number of additional security features on our network:

Wireless Security

  • VostroNet: Secure wireless network, using WPA2-Enterprise encryption.
    A username and password are required when connecting to this network.
    Always use this network your device supports it, as it offers the most optimal experience.
  • VostroNet Connect: Unencrypted ("open") network primarily for the purpose of signing up.
    Devices which do not support the security main network can also use this network for Internet access. To use this network you will need to login through a web browser or register the MAC address of the device to your account.