When you connect to a new Wi-Fi network it is added and stored in a list of profiles. Over a period of time the list can become quite large. The following instructions guide you through the process of deleting a wireless profile that is no longer needed and can help with refreshing the connection to the network.

The following guide provides instructions on how to remove saved wireless network profiles from your Google Android smartphone or tablet.


How to remove saved networks for Android

1. From the menu select Settings.

2. Select the Connections option.

3. Select WiFi to see the list of Wi-Fi networks saved on your device.

• Tap and hold on to the network name VostroNet Connect and select Forget Network.

• Tap and hold on to the network name VostroNet and select Forget Network.

• Do the same for any other networks you are not currently using.

4. Turn Wi-Fi off and turn it back on. 

5. Join the secure network VostroNet. You will be asked for your login details

  • EAP Security Method: PEAP
  • Phase 2 Authentication: MSCHAPv2
  • CA Certificate: Don't Validate
  • Identity: Your username
  • Anonymous Identity: (Leave blank)
  • Password: Your password

Note: If your device is Android Q/10 or later it uses "Use randomized MAC" by default. Please change it to "Use device mac" (Please refer to the screenshot below). You may need to go to "Advanced settings" to see these options.

6. Your device should now be connected to the network.