Peering is a commercial relationship between two Internet Service and/or Content Providers where they agree to provide access to (part of) each other’s networks and services. If the two parties determine that the value to each party of this service is similar then they may choose not to have any settlement between the parties.

Peering might take place over dedicated connections or via a shared peering exchange. The method chosen will depend on many factors, including the volume of traffic exchange or any special services required.

VostroNet maintains an Open Peering Policy with interested Internet service and content providers. Our network is largely a consumer or mostly inbound of content. To Peer with VostroNet you will need to have in place the following:

  • A publicly routable AS Number
  • Publicly routable IPv4 address space
  • Publicly routable IPv6 address space
  • AS Number record completed in PeeringDB
  • 24×7 NOC contact capable of resolving BGP routing issues.
  • Presence at one or more of the Data Centres and/or Exchanges listed for VostroNet in PeeringDB