Sign on to the VostroNet portal to view or change the devices on your account


Devices listed on your account

The device limit and a list of devices currently on your account are shown under "Your Devices". Devices are listed by manufacturer and MAC Address.


How to identify your devices

Each device has a unique "MAC Address" to identify it on a computer network. The address is written as 12 hexadecimal digits (0-9 and A-F) - e.g. 00:1a:2b:3c:4d:5e

For more information on how to find your MAC Address, please refer to the following guide: 

How to remove a device from your account

1. Select the RUBBISH BIN icon to remove a device from your account.


2. CONFIRM you want to remove the chosen device

Note: Active connections on all devices associated with a profile will be dropped when one device is removed or changed.


How to add a device to your account

Most computers and smartphones will automatically be added to your account when they sign on to the secure VostroNet wireless network with a username and password.

Some devices such as games consoles that do not have a compatible web browser need to be added to your account manually before they can access the internet.

  1. Identify the MAC Address of your device
  2. Sign on to the portal and select "Add Device" 
  3. Enter the MAC Address and select "Add" to register the device
  4. Restart your device and connect it to the network.

Device limit

The number of devices you can have on your account at any one time is limited. You can change your devices as often as necessary.

If you have too many devices on your account, your login will fail and you will be asked to confirm the devices on your account.

Sign on to the portal to check your devices and remove them where necessary, then try your login again.

Common Issue

Some devices have a feature known as MAC randomisation or MAC privatisation. These features will lead to your account being filled with temporary addresses that are not in use. To prevent your device list from filling up this way, you can disable the feature.

Disable MAC randomisation - Android
Disable MAC randomisation - iOS
Disable MAC randomisation - Windows 10 & 11