What is roaming aggressiveness and how can it improve my wireless reception?

The ‘aggressiveness’ with which your computer roams determines how frequently and how likely it is for your computer to switch APs. If you have it set very high, your computer could be jumping between APs frequently.

This can be a problem as it can cause your connection to be interrupted frequently as your computer authenticates to another AP. Having the aggressiveness set very low, or disabling it, can cause your computer to ‘stick’ to one AP, making it difficult to move around and maintain a connection.

The low roaming aggression is the more frequent problem people run into on large networks


Steps to limit Roaming Aggressiveness

This guide will show you to set the roaming aggressiveness on your Windows PC/Laptop. Setting this to LOW will help improve your WiFi connection and avoid connection dropout issues.

If you are experiencing issues like this, you may want to change the aggressiveness to suit your liking. Here’s how:


  1. Click on START
  3. Under Network Adapter right click on the Wireless-AC devices.

     4. Select Properties
     5. Click the Advanced Tab

     6. Select Roaming Aggressiveness

     7. Select LOW.