Identify and register your Windows 7 on your account


Deprecated Article

Due to Microsoft discontinuing support of the Windows 7 Operating System, VostroNet is unable to provide support for Windows 7 devices operating on the VostroNet Network. The following guide is for reference only and should be considered deprecated.


Shortcut - Find your MAC Address

Where you are already connected to the VostroNet network you are able to open a web browser and go to:  If you are connected to VostroNet correctly you will be provided with your User NameIP Address and MAC Address.



The following guide provides details on how to find the MAC Address of your Windows 7 PC or Laptop. This will assist you in identifying the devices registered on your account in the VostroNet portal.

You may also be asked to confirm this information when contacting VostroNet for technical support.

To locate your MAC address by this method you must already be connected to a network.

Wireless devices should join the VostroNet or VostroNet Connect wireless network.
Ethernet devices should be connected directly to a wall port.

To find your Windows 7 (PC / Laptop) - MAC Address

1. Click the network icon in the taskbar and select Open Network and Sharing Center

2. On the left side of the Network and Sharing Center click Change Adapter Settings

3. Wireless devices: Right-click on Wireless Network Connection adapter and select Status.
    Ethernet devices: Right-click on Local Area Connection adapter and select Status.

Please note that if the Status option is grey you are not connected to the network

4. In the status window, click on the Details button

5. Another window will open showing details of your network adapter. Look in this list for the physical address - this is the MAC address of your device.