Shortcut - Find your IPv4 Address

If you are already connected to the VostroNet network you are able to open a web browser and go to:  While connected to the VostroNet network you will be provided with your User NameIP Address and MAC Address.


The following guide provides details on how to find the IPv4 Address of your Apple MacOS (Macbook/iMac) devices

You may also be asked to confirm this information when contacting VostroNet for technical support.

To locate your IPv4 address by this method you must already be connected to a network.

Wireless devices should join the VostroNet or VostroNet Connect wireless network.
Ethernet devices should be connected directly to a wall port.

Apple macOS (OS X) - MacBook / iMac

  1. Click the Apple icon at the corner of your screen and select System Preferences

2. Click on Network to open network settings.

3. On the left, select Wi-Fi. Then, click the Advanced button.

4. Under TCP/IP Tab, look for the IPv4 Address.