If your device is using an Android version 10 or later, by default your device will have MAC randomization enabled. You need to disable this feature when connecting to the VostroNet or VostroNet Connect. Otherwise, your device list will exceed the limit and eventually prevent you from connecting new devices to the service. 


How to Disable MAC Randomisation in Android 10

1. Navigate to "Settings"

2. Select "Connections" or Select "WiFi"

3. Select "VostroNet" to connect

4. Tap the gear-shaped icon or the arrow next to the network you are connected to (this should be "VostroNet" WiFi)


5. On the next screen there is a menu labelled "MAC Address Type" or "Privacy" (This may vary on the model of your mobile phone). Tap on whichever is available on your Android phone.

6. Make sure it is set to “Use Phone Mac or Use Device MAC



How to Disable MAC Randomization in Android 11

1. Navigate to Settings 

2. Select Network and Internet

3. Select Wi-Fi

4. Select the blue gear icon next to VostroNet or VostroNet Connect 

5. Press Advanced to lower the dropdown menu

6. Select Privacy: Use randomised MAC (default)

7. Set Privacy to Use Device MAC