Connecting your Apple TV device to VostroNet is easy. Follow these directions to connect your Apple TV and enjoy high-speed access to various multimedia services.

Note, however; due to VostroNet being a carrier network, you may be unable to use AirPlay to stream from your personal devices.

Some menu screens pictured in this guide may be different on your Apple TV. The instructions are similar for all models.


Connecting via Ethernet (LAN Cable)

Connect the Ethernet cable from your Apple TV directly to the wall port in your room (or to the E1, E2, E3 socket if you have a wall-mounted access point. Please note that E0/PT is not enabled for Internet Access).

Wall port

Wall Mount Access Point



Connecting via Wireless

1. Power your device on and join the "VostroNet Connect" wireless network


2. Locate the Wi-Fi / Ethernet Address of your Apple TV Device

From the Apple TV menu

  • select Settings > General > Network 

*NOTE (Settings > Network on some models)

3. Look for the Wi-Fi Address or Ethernet Address
This is similar to a serial number. Your address will be different as every device is unique.
It is written in the format of 1a:2b:3c:4d:5e:6f. You will need this address for the next step.

4. Add the Apple TV device to your VostroNet account

You will need to register the Wi-Fi (or Ethernet) Address of the Apple TV to your VostroNet account.

  • From another device, sign in to the VostroNet Portal
  • Select the Your Devices option from the menu.
  • Add the Wi-Fi (or Ethernet) Address of the Apple TV device to your account.
  • Click the "Log out" button to sign out of the VostroNet portal

For detailed instructions on how to add/remove devices from your VostroNet account, please refer to the following guide: Managing your devices. Restart your device and test the connection

From the Apple TV menu

  • Select Settings > General > Restart 

*NOTE: (Settings > System > Restart on some models)

6. Wait for the device to restart

7. After the device restarts

  • Select Settings > General > Network > Test Network to test your connection

*NOTE: (Settings > Network > Connection Type > Network Status on some models)

Additional Support

VostroNet is limited in the amount of support it can provide for the configuration of individual devices. For further assistance refer to the instruction manual of your device or contact the manufacturer for support.