Your credit card payment details are held securely by our online payment gateway.

For your safety and security, VostroNet team members cannot access these details or make credit card payments on your behalf.

Changing or updating your credit card payment details must be done online through the secure VostroNet User Portal.


To change your payment details

1. Open your web browser and sign on to the VostroNet Portal

2. Select 'Change Plan' button under Your Plan Information

3. Select your plan, enter card details and click 'Schedule' (Do not click 'Change' as this would bill you immediately)

4. Check the price shown and click OK






5. A confirmation message will be displayed if successful






How to cancel the next automatic payment

For information on how to cancel the automatic monthly payment for the renewal of your plan, please refer to this article: How to Cancel the Auto-Renewal of Your Plan

How to remove your payment details

To remove the credit card from your account, please contact the VostroNet Help Desk. We will update your account to remove all saved billing information on your profile. This will stop any further transactions on your account until you enter your payment details again.