Your VostroNet plan will automatically renew each month until the renewal is cancelled.

To cancel the Auto Renewal of Your Plan

1. Log into your account on the VostroNet Portal

2. Click the CANCEL ACCOUNT button under your plan information.

3. Click the CONFIRM button to confirm you wish to cancel.






4. The date of cancellation will be shown - Click OK





*NOTE: Your account will remain active and you may continue using your internet account until the end of your current plan (on the date shown)

How to remove your payment details

To remove the credit card from your account, please contact VostroNet Support. We will update your account to remove all saved billing information on your profile. This prevents any further transactions from taking place until you enter the credit card details again.

Any questions or concerns?

If you have questions about your renewal, or you want to confirm the cancellation, please contact the VostroNet Help Desk for assistance.