Give a person authority to engage with us on your behalf

When you appoint an Authorised Representative you are giving the person you appoint the authority to deal with us on your behalf as your agent. This means that the Authorised Representative has the power to act and access information as if they were you. This includes making complaints, changing account details or terminating a contract. You can also specify limitations of your Authorised Representative’s rights.

Please note that only account holders can appoint an Authorised Representative. If you wish to appoint more than one Authorised Representative, please contact us to discuss adding a note to your account.

For security reasons the Authorised Representative will be required to provide us with the one-time code from the mobile phone which has been linked to your account.

You may also appoint an Advocate, although an Advocate does not have the power to act on your behalf or access your information unless you are present to agree or unless the Advocate is also the Authorised Representative

To appoint an Authorised Representative to act on your behalf, fill out this form  and email it completed to